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Hey there! 

Hi! My name is Sophia and I'm a MN photographer, specializing in all sorts of portraits. Being comfortable with your session starts with having trust in your photographer, and a big part of that is getting to know me!

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queer, neurodivergent,& a multimedia artist

Hi! I'm Sophia :) I'm 19, and located in the midwest. I'm MN born and raised, but very much obsessed with Chicago, where I hope to attend grad school pursuing Art Therapy. 


Growing up, my family moved around a lot, and with that came attending countless different schools and cities across MN. While there were definite challenges going to seven different schools, I was able to gain new perspectives, and opportunities that play into my every day life. During that time, I picked up about every art form you can imagine, mainly focusing on performing/media arts, and fine arts. (I will never be able to crack the code of culinary arts, seriously I'm the worst cook you will EVER meet, ask my girlfriend.) 


I'm very passionate about how art can be involved in healthcare and our healing process, as it's been very significant in my mental health journey. I still actively create in an assortment of mediums, right now I'm super invested in graphic novels/comics! 

I first started getting into photography early on in highschool. It quickly became something I hyper-fixated on (courtesy of my ADHD) and grew eager to improve quickly. One thing led to another, and since then I've had the opportunity to explore different photography types and styles. I'm always motivated to continue learning, honing my editing style, and defining my niche. 

One reason that I fell in love with portrait photography is the way that it can make people feel. I love how I can reflect the beauty I see in my life and help other people see things the way I do. Everyone should get to be celebrated in their own skin, and photography is a way I can help people understand the joy of themselves.


Photography can tell so many stories, and convey such honesty. As someone who grew up doing theater constantly, a big part of my life was consumed with whimsy and the fantastical, and I strive to keep that in my life. I love shooting for shows because I love to capture all of the elements working together and the raw emotion and movement that comes from live performances. Going to see performances actually play a big part into my creativity and inspiration for all photography. 

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some of my favorite things...

Sarah Murphy

This is my wonderful, talented, wholesome, interior-designer partner. 

Swimming for days

I LOVE swimming! This was me in Florida's natural springs. Oddly enough though I have an irrational fear of fish and big sharks. Ick.

Here she is, looking very demonic. But she's actually very sweet. Most of the time.

My Cat, Stixx!
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