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Interested in 10% off of a portrait session? You can participate in Sophalier Photography's referral program. 


1. Tell your friends and family about Sophalier Photography, and when they send an inquiry,  tell them to include that you referred them!

2.  When your referral inquires, and successfully books & plans their session (complete with their payment), you receive a 10% discount in referral credit. 


-These referral credits are stackable, meaning if you refer five people, you will receive 50% off of a session.

-Referral credit can be used for any type of portrait session, except any corporate or specific custom session. 

-Credit expires after 3 years.

-Referral credit is non-transferable from person to person, with the exception of family members.

-Referral credit cannot be redeemed for monetary value and are only applicable for sessions! (Not redeemable for add ons, such as studio costs)

-Referral credit cannot be deducted from previous sessions or offered as a refund.

-Referral credit will only be given once the client you referred has fully paid for their session. (Exceptions for payment plan sessions)

- If multiple people refer one person, only one referral credit will be given to one person, priority given to the first referral. 

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